Graphilm was founded in Rome in 1988 by Maurizio Forestieri as a production studio for animated products such as TV series, feature films, video clips, and commercials. Graphilm’s productions have been selected and entered in competitions  at the Festival de Cannes and at the Berlinale. One of the studio’s short animation films was chosen to represent Italian animation in an official projection at New York’s MoMA. In over twenty-five years of activity, Graphilm has won both national and international prizes and acknowledgments in the animation sector’s most important official events. The know-how connected to animation, along with extensive cinematographic experience, makes Graphilm one of the most all-round and professionally advanced studios in the sector, able to create the right mix of art and industry, cartoon tradition and new technologies (Web environments and CGI).


Via Emilio Faà di Bruno, 52, 00195 Roma, RM, Italia

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