Etatron employs a substantial number of people in Italy supporting its worldwide network of distributors and agents. They work on an extensive range of engineering and business activities that embrace the production of quality Chemical Dosing Pumps and Equipment. Key targets of product quality and customer service are an essential part of Etatron’s dedication. All production and related activities are co-ordinated from a purpose built Head Office complex in Italy just south of Rome.

Etatron is fully committed to its social responsibilities and we use resources to enhance the lives of our employees and society. Etatron believes its responsibility extends to the maintaining of its commitment to sustainability, taking care of the environment and its people.

Technical Expertise

Etatron has significant expertise in Chemical Dosing Metering Pumps, Controllers and Chemical Dosing Systems. If you are looking for solutions in automated chemical dosing, chemical dispensing diaphragm and peristaltic pumps then Etatron will have the solution for you.

Chemical Dosing in water treatment plays an important part in the process, Etatron has developed many chemical dosing and metering systems, this includes disinfection, swimming pool water technology and ph correction systems. Etatron’s extensive range of chemical dosing pumps, controllers, probes and accessories means we can provide solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Our chemical dosing pumps and controllers can cater for complete dosing packages to include the following:

  • pH correction systems
  • Redox (ORP) based systems
  • Conductivity control systems


Etatron’s range of pumps, controllers, chemical holding tanks, agitators, mixers and accessories backed up by the leading chemical dosing engineers who have the necessary expertise can provide the solution for you.


Via dei Ranuncoli, 53, Roma, RM, Italia

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