Caffè Haiti Roma is an artisanal roasting Company that was born in Rome in 1950 from the
initiative of Azeglio, nicely called “Mister Espresso”, a man who has been able to take his
passion for espresso coffee and turn it into a quality philosophy; a philosophy that has become,
throughout the generations, a real heritage for the company.The “Secret of Mister Espresso” to obtain espresso blends of superior quality, is nothing but a research of quality in all the steps of manufacturing, from the green “bean”, to the blends, firstly
roasted in an artisanal way and then packed properly to keep unaltered all the organoleptic features.
It is clear that in order to obtain an excellent espresso coffee it is necessary to start with excellent
“raw materials”. It is for this reason that the experts of Caffè Haiti Roma begin with the choice of
the best qualities of coffee. The faithfulness of our comsumers is for us the confirmation of the fact
that our philosophy is valid. Proposing a superior quality product, proof against experts.


Via Ardeatina, 1010, Roma, RM, Italia

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